Social Media Toolkit: The 10th Anniversary of BPCIA #b10similars

The Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (BPCIA), enacted in 2010, provided a framework for biosimilars approval, adoption and access in the United States. Join us as we reflect on 10 years and counting of lower-cost biosimilar medicines being accessible to America’s patients.

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Social Media

Share the message and the movement with all those in your own social networks. Post your own messages reflecting on the 10 years of biosimilars in the United States. You can even use our Instagram and Snapchat lens to spread the fun.


On a mobile device, go to: to activate the Instagram lens.

Scan this SnapCode image to activate the lens.


  1. Right-click on the social image you want to download
  2. Select “Save Image As” and save to your computer
  3. Copy the provided text, or adapt to fit your voice
  4. Upload your saved image, paste the text into your post and share with your social network

Biosimilars turned 10 this year! The #BPCIA passed in 2010, enabling life-saving medicines to reach patients at a lower-cost. Learn more about #b10similars at

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Celebrate patient access and savings through #b10similars🥂! See how far the U.S. biosimilars market has come over the past 10 years by visiting @biosimscouncil @USbiosimilars

I am celebrating 10 years of #biosimilar medicines and the promise of even more savings for patients and the U.S. health care system #b10similars🥂 Check out the Instagram lens:  @biosimscouncil @USBiosimilars